Work With Me


Coaching is an experience with powerful conversations and purpose. In these sessions, we deeply explore your current goals, ambitions, and mindset in order to create self-awareness and gain personal insights. This is a consciousness transforming process that inspires and supports you in achieving your goals, realizing your potential, and upgrading your body, mind, and energy. Every session is concluded with a set of agreed upon action steps that can help you move forward and grow into the best version of yourself.

Kitchen Consulting

What you put into your body dictates what you can get out of it. Our bodies have incredible capabilities when fueled properly so it is imperative that we fill our bodies with high-quality foods and beverages. Kitchen Consulting is an assessment of your entire kitchen to guide you towards your nutrition and fitness goals. You and I will go through all of the food items and beverages in your refrigerator and pantry. Learn which foods you should keep and which you should switch for less toxic, more nutrient-dense options. In addition, we will also inspect the types of oils and cookware you use and suggest alternatives to ensure you are preserving the integrity of the food. This service has been a catalyst for people looking to improve day-to-day performance and well-being.

Cart Talk

Learn everything you need to know to successfully navigate the grocery store. This walk through the grocery store will teach you the nuances of each section of the market. You’ll walk away confident in how to shop for a diet centered on nutrient-dense, quality foods that fit your tastes, budget, goals, and lifestyle. Great for anyone who wants to decode food labels for the stuff that really matters, when to choose organic vs. non-organic foods, pastured meats vs. conventional, and much more.

Meal Plans

Make healthy eating joyful and easy. Your customized meal plan will focus on one key factor: Sustainability. Your plan will teach you how to eat properly and enable you to design your own meals in the future. You Can 2 meal plans are tailor-made to allow you to eat in a way that gets you closer to your goals while enjoying every bite along the way. Each meal plan comes with 5 different breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. The meal plans are perfect for people who are looking to take the guesswork out of their diet. Have the peace of mind of knowing that each meal is getting you closer to your goals.

Personal Training

The difference between exercising and training is that training focuses on working out in order to obtain a specific goal (fat loss, muscle building, strength gains, increased energy, etc.), while exercise aims to improve overall physical fitness and is nonsystematic. Each personal training program is customized to your fitness level, goals, and schedule. This service is perfect for people looking to accomplish specific physical goals in a safe, effective, result-driven manner.

Group Training

You Can 2 Fit offers semi-private group training sessions structured around movement, resistance training, and mobility. Utilizing circuit training, you can expect to be challenged during the workout, and also leave enabled to move more efficiently in your day-to-day life. Each workout can be modified to ensure people of all fitness levels can benefit. These workouts are great for people looking to exercise in a group environment, with their friends, or to escape the monotony of their current exercise routine.

Remote Training Programs

Customized training programs for you to complete on your own. Training programs are systematically designed using the progressive-overload method, ensuring that your results do not plateau. Programs are constructed with consideration of your access to equipment, the amount of time available for training each day, fitness level, and goals. These programs are ideal for people who already exercise on their own but need help with exercise prescription that will lead them to their specific goals.