What is YouCan2 Coaching?

I have a deep passion towards helping people become the best version of themselves possible. While it will look different for each individual, we all have the ability to create our best lives possible if we focus on a few core values:

• Our ability to create change in ourselves
• A desire to learn and grow
• Open-mindedness
• Self-Awareness
• Curiosity
• Discipline


One of the most fascinating aspects about being human is that we have the potential to do so many great things for others and ourselves. When we operate as our highest self we have the ability to create so many wonderful, impactful things for ourselves and everyone around us. This impact is felt in our personal and professional lives. In order to reach this level of achievement it is critical that we are operating optimally at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.


I work with fascinating people who want to operate at their best. These types of people are curious, open-minded, goal-oriented, values-driven, and about action: Doing the inner and outer work necessary to create the lives they want. As a coach I stay self-aware, model growth and learning, and stay present during our entire conversation. I wear certain hats in different situations depending on what you need at the time:

Partner: I define, negotiate, and share responsibility for the coaching relationship with you
Investigator: I find out what your true needs are; gather information about your situation, desired outcomes, and possible actions
Reflector: I provide feedback and encourage self-awareness in you
Teacher: I provide distinctions, language, and knowledge new to you
Guide: With permission I provide impetus and ideas for action
Contractor: I encourage mutual accountability and monitor your follow through


Through deep, honest conversation we explore your goals and the WHY behind them. Your WHY is the core reason why you do what you do. Your WHY is your guide to deciding how you act and move going forward. When you are anchored into your WHY you have a clear filter to decide what you choose to do and not to do.


During our conversations we will explore what has been stopping you from achieving your goals. By knowing what is/has been getting in the way, we can explore different ways of how to progress and move forward. We focus exclusively on the things you can control. You can control how you feel and how you act. Oftentimes, without realizing it, people consistently get in their own way through laziness, inaction, fear, or false narratives being created in their own head. These stories that we have in our heads are often not true. By examining these stories we can separate the fact from fiction and plan how to move forward.


There are times when the blocks we are experiencing are mental or emotional. This is where self-awareness and presence come into play. We will dive into why this is happening and develop strategies that help you slow your mind down, center yourself, and move with a clearer frame of reference. This type of inner work can allow you to act freely, confidently, and decisively.


Finally, everything we do is about action and integration. At the end of each session you will walk away with a plan of action to implement. This will be work that you come up with as steps to move forward. Your commitment to this work will be critical to your development. I’m not the one telling what you should do. You are the one deciding what you are going to do and I am the person holding you accountable. Because you know your WHY, what has been getting in the way, how to center yourself, and are committed to your growth, you will be excited and energized to do the homework.


In the following session we go over your homework:

How did it go?
• What discoveries were made?
• What did you learn?
• What went right?
• What didn’t go as planned?
• What got in the way?
• What new doors were opened?
• What light bulbs went off?


All of this information allows you to ask new questions and gives us a framework to move forward and continue to grow and move towards the goals. Sometimes goals change and that’s great. You may be working towards a goal and in the process discover that your WHY has changed. That’s beautiful because that means you are learning more about yourself and discovering what you truly want.


I’m here to ask the tough questions. I’m here to be the guide/teacher when needed. I’m the investigator looking for the clues and keys. I’m here to keep you on track and make sure you are doing the work you said you were going to do. I’m the advocate in your corner who wants you to be successful and feel fulfilled. I am your coach!


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