Vicki/ Mom/ Group Training

“My biggest fear before hiring Danny was that my body would NOT change and by incorporating heavier weights that I would get bigger. I have been working out for 34 years and I consider myself a cardio queen.  After so many years, I never saw a positive change in my body as a result of my workouts.  I was always afraid to incorporate strength training.  Danny assured me before I started training with him that I wouldn’t get bigger. I didn’t completely believe him but I figured it was worth a try. I can honestly say that this was the first time in ALL of my years of working out that I saw a positive change that not only made me feel better physically but also mentally. I did NOT get bigger; I actually lost weight and gained muscle. I was constantly being complimented on how lean and toned I looked.  This was the first time in my life that I actually felt good about myself.  I felt confident and strong.

Danny is a truly warm and caring person and I instantly connected with him.  He genuinely cares about each person he is training and strives to help them be the best version of themselves. He is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition as well as proper form, technique and what works for each person individually.  He challenged and pushed me to do my best.  I always looked forward to a workout with Danny because I knew that I would leave him feeling energized and confident. By working with Danny I lost weight, reduced my body fat percentage, got stronger, gained confidence, and a great friend. You absolutely, 100%, cannot go wrong by training with Danny.  He will help you achieve your goals, change your life for the better, and you will have fun doing it!”

-Vicki Geddis