Travis/ Business Professional/ Coaching/Nutrition/ Remote Training

“The biggest life changing lesson I’ve learned from working with Danny aka You Can 2 Fit is you MUST take control of your health because it is the foundation of everything you plan to achieve in your life.

One of my biggest problems was short-lived motivation, meaning some days I’d be ready to move mountains and other days I’d be de-motivated or chronically procrastinate – mainly because of a lack of energy after a long day at work. I was the guy who turned on the T.V. to ESPN and then would order take-out after work – Chinese food was my go-to. However, YouCan2Fit changed my mindset to live a healthier life.

Danny provides me with the how-to tools to build a healthier foundation that’s focused on strengthening my mind and body, which is all powered by healthy foods, better sleep, a mindset shift, and a sustainable exercise plan – balance is key.  And he uses these 4 concepts to build a healthier game plan that neatly fits into my busy schedule.  With all candor, I feel most confident when I have a solid game plan that I trust in and can routinely follow.  YouCan2Fit brings an actionable plan to the table so that I can reach my goals with energy to spare.  But I’ve always been taught to see for yourself.  So I put Danny’s customized plan to the test to see if YouCan2Fit would pass muster. 

The end results, I developed a stronger mindset and healthier habits.  I have more energy and focus throughout the day.  When it comes to sweets, I have greater self-control and prefer the healthier snack. My body feels stronger and powerful.  I have the mental stamina to tackle my goals and execute every day to bring my dreams to fruition.  Bottom line, give YouCan2Fit a go and see for yourself.  I’m betting that 2 things will happen: 1) your dreams will seem more attainable and 2) with time and persistent effort your life will change for the better.  So why not give it a go, because YOUCAN2!”

-Travis Mack