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We live in a world where it is easy to be dissatisfied with our current situation, whether it’s personally, socially, professionally, or financially. People are ready to change, but the problem is most people look outside themselves for help. We focus on what the person next to us is doing, what the famous celebrity we adore is doing, or what the “guru” is guaranteeing. While all of these things may work for that specific person, it may or may not work for you. In order to progress and succeed you may be better served working within yourself and developing personal leadership.


Personal leadership is living your best life by taking ownership of your thoughts, actions, and habits.


Personal leadership is how you TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. By taking an inside-out approach you will realize that everything that you want starts and ends with YOU.


Personal leadership is continually developed through a three-step process.

Step 1: Consciously decide to take your power back (Mindset shift)

TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. Consciously decide that you are in control of your life. No more blaming other people or outside circumstances for your misfortunes. When we place blame on others we end up giving all of our power away. Now is the time to make a mindset shift, believing that everything that happens from this point forward starts and ends with YOU! This puts you back in the driver’s seat. No more riding in the backseat in this journey called life.

Step 2: Cultivate Self-Awareness

By better understanding how you think and operate, you can put yourself in a better position to improve. In order to make a change, you have to realize that a change is wanted or needed. Honestly answering the following questions can help you become more self-aware.

  1. What are my values? That is, what do you find most important in life? Living a values-driven life where your actions directly reflect what you find most important can have a profound impact on fulfillment and life satisfaction.
  2. What is my why? What is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you? According to Simon Sinek (“Start With Why”), knowing your why gives you a filter to make choices at home and in the workplace that will help you find greater fulfillment in all that you do.
  3. What gets in the way? What type of thoughts, actions, or people repeatedly get in the way of living the life that you want to live? In which situations do you get in your own way? Some things to consider:
    • How is my mindset?
      1. Growth mindset (“I can grow and change.”) or Fixed mindset (“This is just the way I am.” “I can’t change.”)
      2. Am I focused on what I have or don’t have?
      3. What negative narratives am I creating in my head?
      4. What is my reality?
      5. What are my truths?
    • How is my energy?
      1. Is my food positively or negatively impacting me?
      2. How is the quality of my sleep?
      3. How stressed am I? How well am I managing it?
    • What is my environment?
      1. Am I around people who bring me up or down?
      2. Do I find myself in places that create energy or drain energy?
      3. Is my environment giving me the resources I need to be successful?
        1. Positive vibes
        2. Nourishing foods and beverages
        3. Space to be creative, collaborative, social
        4. Space to mentally relax/recharge
      4. Am I always able to be my authentic self?
        1. Speak freely
        2. Act freely
        3. Express myself
        4. Share ideas/thoughts without worrying about judgment

Answering these questions are a great starting point in understanding where you currently are. By understanding where you are you can consciously decide which areas need improvement or radical shifts. Once you prioritize what changes you want/need to make, it is time to take the final step.

Step 3: Execute-> Start Leading Mindfully

Lead yourself to victory. Day by day, moment by moment, lead your life in the direction you want to go. From this point forward, take ownership of the thoughts you have and the actions you take. Be accountable to the moves you make. Understand that no matter what life throws at you, you are the one to catch it and you have the power to decide how to react. No more placing blame on others, no more hoping and wishing, only more DOING! Get clear on what you want, write it down, and start telling people about it. Allow it to manifest! Now is the time to take your power back, commit to yourself, and lead your life! Understand that this is a life-long process. Priorities will change and goals will shift depending on where you are in your journey. But affirming that everything starts and ends with you will put you at the forefront of making your dreams come true! Just take it day by day, moment by moment.

– You Can 2


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this! You touched on so many important elements. Personally for me taking back my power was liberating and also essential in my personal leadership. It was at that moment all of the other pieces in my life came together. Great article! It was very refreshing to read this.

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