6 Questions For Acting On What Is Most Important

All of us have goals and aspirations. At one time or another, we have all found a way to sabotage our own success. Today, I want to challenge you with this question: What is most important to you? Obviously, there are a multitude of things that are important and that is why it is a challenge.


Considering all of the crucial things in your life, what is the single most important one today? There is no wrong answer here as long as you’re keeping it real with yourself. Is it money? Health? A relationship? An accolade? Reflect deeply here. Take some slow, deep breaths into your belly. What comes up for you?


Once you have your answer, I want you to dive deeper. Why is this the most important thing to you? How does/will this make your life and the lives around you better? Does this thing fulfill you? Does it add fuel to your fire? Does it make waking up every day exciting? Does it align with your values and strengths?


Now that you are clear on what is most important and why it is important, how good of a job are you doing in making it happen? What good habits have you formed around this? What steps do you take on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to make this happen? On the flip side, what bad habits are getting in the way? How are you self-sabotaging your own success? What actions or inaction takes place that effectively halts all progress?

What are you willing to do about it? What tangible steps are you willing to take to get 1% better each day. It’s all about action. If you get 1% better each day by taking action, you will be over 300% better by the end of the year. That is a 3-fold increase, nothing to scoff at!


Once you know what you will do, when will you do it by? Giving yourself a specific deadline makes it real. It allows you to stay organized, craft a timeline, and make it happen.


Once you know what you will do and when you are going to do it, who will you tell? Telling people you trust about your action plan works well in two ways. It gives them permission to hold you accountable and it enables you to be more accountable to yourself. By giving this close-knit group of people permission to check in, it keeps you focused and on track. Look to share your plan with a close friend, family member, mentor, or coach that you trust.


Achieving what you set out to do is a powerful feat. We know how hard the journey has been so celebrating the achievement is a must! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or it can be, it’s completely up to you. Celebrating gives you the opportunity to reflect on the process, the ups and downs, and acknowledge that you successfully achieved what you set out to do. This allows you to feel a sense of fulfillment and build positive momentum going forward.


Whatever is most important to you is very much in your control. Reflect on this. Realize why it is important. Do a personal inventory to see how good of a job you are doing in making it happen. Find what type of resistance is getting in the way. Decide what you are willing to do about it. Create a timeline of when you are going to do it. Explain your plan of action to someone closest to you. Then decide how you will celebrate once you have completed it. The ball is in your court! Take your shot!

-Mr. YouCan2

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